Radium 6.9.64 released

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Kjetil Matheussen

Mar 16, 2021, 6:13:01 AM3/16/21
to radium-music-editor
The biggest news this time is the ability to run Radium without Jack. The reason for this is that there have been numerous reports of trouble with running Jack on Windows, experienced both by myself and by others, and one report of trouble running Jack on MacOS.

Configure non-Jack audio under Edit -> Soundcard preferences:

Another notable feature is that number of soundcard xruns are now shown in the bottom bar right next to the CPU usage:

Besides this, this version contains various bug fixes and minor features.

Changes 6.8.71 -> 6.9.64:
* Bottom bar: Improve displaying CPU usage.
* Bottom bar: Show number of xruns.
* Sampler instrument: Fix a bug sometimes causing
  wrong custom loop points after loading song. Bug
  seems to have been introduced in 6.7.76.
* Audio: Fix rare possible crash when undoing
  deleting instrument.
* Load: Show more progress information when loading
  songs with many instruments.
* About window: Replace "Jack samplerate" with just
  "Audio". Also show block size in ms.
* Audio: Improve Jack shutdown handling.
* Audio: Fix program freeze and memory corruption
  if internal block size is not a multiple of the
  Juce/Jack block size.
* Audio: Use Juce audio to get audio in and out of
  the program if Jack is not running.
* Radium reset: Include checkbox to only reset
  soundcard configuration.
* Radium reset: Disable all options by default.
* Preferences GUI: Minor tweaks.
* Windows: Fix loading/saving current filerequester
  path to config for paths with non-ascii
* API: openAudioDevicePreferencesDialog,
  isUsingJack, isUsingJackTransport, getCpuUsage,

Kjetil Matheussen

Mar 26, 2021, 11:09:58 AM3/26/21
to radium-music-editor
Radium 6.9.64 released. Most work this time has been preparation work for supporting MCU, which should be supported soon. This version of Radium is released now to fix a couple of minor problems with non-jack audio. The release also contains a handful of other bug fixes.

Changes 6.9.64 -> 6.9.66:
* Audio: Fix random data sent out of "System In"
  instruments when not using jack and the soundcard
  has less input channels than the "System In"
  instrument has output channels.
* Audio: Fix losing the jack port names of
  "System in" and "System out" instruments when a
  song is saved when not running jack. This caused
  the message "Could not register jack port" when
  later loading the song using jack.
* MIDI: Possible fix for rare situations of hanging
* Soundfile renderer: Don't close dialog window if
  we couldn't save file.
* Soundfile renderer: Don't allow overwriting an
  audio file currently used by the program.
* Soundfile renderer: Ask yes/no if trying to
  overwrite an existing audio file.
* Sequencer: Don't show assertion reporter when
  loading a song with an audio file that has become
  shorter than last time. Instead just show a note
  in the message log window.
* MIDI: More fine-grained locking and prevent
  priority inversion when sending midi from main
* Audio: Turn off realtime priority when rendering
  audio file.
* API: sendMidiMessage, openMidiOutputPort,
  closeMidiOutputPort, openMidiInputPort,
  closeMidiInputPort, closeAllMidiInputPorts,
  getMidiOutputPortNames, getMidiInputPortNames.

Kjetil Matheussen

Mar 29, 2021, 8:57:04 AM3/29/21
to radium-music-editor
Radium 6.9.64 and 6.9.64 don't work on MacOS. The binaries for these have been removed. Hopefully a working version for macOS will be released soon.

Kjetil Matheussen

Mar 30, 2021, 8:33:43 AM3/30/21
to radium-music-editor
Radium 6.9.67 released. Fix for macos. No need to upgrade if you don't use macos.

Changes 6.9.66 -> 6.9.67:
* Macos: Fix error about not being able to set
  realtime priority. Bug introduced in 6.9.63.
* API:
  * New: sendSysex.
  * Make midi input callbacks also receive syex

Kjetil Matheussen

Apr 22, 2021, 11:44:36 AM4/22/21
to radium-music-editor
A couple of heads up:
  1. Radium does not work under MacOS 11.
  2. Timing is flaky when recording MIDI into the editor when NOT using Jack. This should hopefully be fixed in the next release.
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