Planning to remove split line / zoom single line. Anyone using this feature?

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Kjetil Matheussen

May 25, 2020, 6:41:35 AM5/25/20
to radium-music-editor
Does anyone use the single-line zooming feature? I'm talking about
splitting a single line, or zooming in on a single line. You do that
by pressing Left Shift + left/right arrow. The "Demo Song" demo song
has this feature.

This feature was added before Line Zoom (LZ) and Swing was added.
Single-line zooming could be used instead of these two features, but
with LZ and Swing, I don't think it's useful anymore.

Note that this is a feature for visibility only. Old songs with
single-line zooming will still sound the same, but single lines will
not be displayed anymore.

The main reason for wanting to remove it is that it complicates the
internal code of Radium quite a bit, so it often decrease development
time. It's also been the cause of numerous bugs throughout the years.

Kjetil Matheussen

May 25, 2020, 8:52:16 AM5/25/20
to radium-music-editor
Actually, the "Demo Song" demo song does show when single-line zooming
can be useful. But I'm probably going to remove the ability to
single-line zoom into a line which is already single-line zoomed, and
so on. That feature has never been used by anyone as far as I know.
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