Radium 5.9.99 released

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Kjetil Matheussen

Aug 15, 2020, 2:48:14 AM8/15/20
to radium-music-editor
Radium 5.9.99 contains numerous bug fixes and new features. Radium 6 should be released within a week if everything goes well.

The full changelog for 5.9.99 is 616 lines, so it is not included here.

Some notable features in 5.9.99:

* GUI: Redesigned or improved all popup menus.
* GUI: Right-click a menu entry to configure keybinding.
* GUI: Keyboard focus is always given to the widget pointed to by the mouse cursor.
* Editor: Many improvements, especially to the piano roll.
* Mixer: Audio meters and event indicators painted on top of the connection lines.
* Sequencer: Lots of bug fixes and minor improvements.
* Manual: Many improvements, especially to the editor.

Although the program has been steadily developed for the last 5 months, there hasn't been a release during this period due to unforeseen consequences caused by the virus situation. This should not happen again.

Full changelog for 5.9.99 can be viewed here: https://github.com/kmatheussen/radium/blob/master/Changelog

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