Ballon Launch 2019-05-25

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May 25, 2019, 3:04:22 AM5/25/19
to Radiosonde
Message from DL7AD, Sven - Ballon Launch 2019-05-25
Good evening, We are launching a ballon tomorrow as part of the day of open doors at the Technical University Wildau in Wildau Germany. You're invited to help us receiving the telemetry especially the pictures sent out on the 70cm band with 9k6 FSK. The data will be generic APRS packets which must be igated. A Webserver will receive the Igated packets and display the decoded pictures on
There will be a digipeater on board operating at 144.825MHz. We will listen on that frequency and be happy to receive your APRS messages via the digipeater on the balloon.
We will launch around 11:45 -12:15 loca time. The burst altitude is around 20km.
Tracker 1
Mode 1: GPS Position & Telemetry
Model: Pecan Pico 10b
Call: DL7AD-15
Frequency: 144.800 MHz, 1k2 AFSK, 100mW
Cycle: 60 seconds
Mode 2: Digipeater
Call: DL7AD-15
Frequency: 144.825 MHz 1k2 AFSK (receives only when mode 1 isn't transmitting)
Path: WIDEn-N & DL7AD-15
Runtime: 72h
Tracker 2
Mode: Pictures
Model: Pecan Pico 10b
Resolution: VGA (SSDV-quality level: 4/8)
Frequency: 432.500 MHz, 9k6 2FSK, 100mW
Cycle: ca. 1-2 minutes (depending on compression of the picture)
Runtime: 24h
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