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Nick Piggott

Feb 17, 2010, 10:46:24 AM2/17/10
to RadioDNS Announcements
This full announcement is at:

It looks nicer there, and has useful clickable links.


Yesterday was a landmark for the RadioDNS Project.

At our Second General Assembly, the attendees vote unanimously to
adopt the Statutes, Membership Process, Trust Model, IPR Policy and
Other Recommendations proposed the Statutes Drafting Team.

Which means that RadioDNS is now able to legally form itself as a not-
for-profit organisation, and start providing the RadioDNS basis on a
full operational basis – as well as promote the technology to device
manufacturers and broadcasters.

It’s an exhilarating moment, and I’d like to extend the thanks of the
members to the Statutes Drafting Team for their extensive work in
getting all the necessary documentation together, and making sure a
comprehensive set of proposal.


Until now, we’ve all been Supporters of RadioDNS.

From now on, you can choose to be a Member of RadioDNS, which allows
you to influence the direction of RadioDNS, vote at meetings, and
nominate candidates for the roles of Chairperson, Secretary and
Steering Board Member.

You can also be a User which means that you have your station details
in RadioDNS, but no more than that.


The General Assembly recommended that we have a period during which
people can become members in order to nominate candidates for the
roles of Chairperson, Secretary and Steering Board Member (9
positions). That period starts now and ends on the 17th March 2010.
They have recommended that the maximum membership fee will be
CHF2.000,- (which approximates to USD1,800, GBP1,200, AUD2,000). The
actual fee will likely be lower, once the costs are clearer.

You can continue to join as a member, and get a vote, until 31st
March. From 1st April, the normal RadioDNS Membership Process will

If you want to join, fill in the membership application form on the
website at and we
will be in contact.


If you commit to becoming a member, you can nominate individuals for
the roles of Chairperson, Secretary and Steering Board member.
Nominations close at 17:00 GMT on 16th March 2010, and we will be
circulate the candidates on the 17th March. You will be sent the
electronic nomination form when you have confirmed your membership.


The election will happen on the 1st April, and we will circulate an
electronic ballot paper to all members prior to then.

We hope to see many of you move from being supporters to members (as
it makes membership cheaper for everyone), but we’ll like you just the
same as supporters too.

We will keep you updated on this blog and on the mailing lists.

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