radioberry driver stops working correct when switching back from transmit to receive

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Apr 20, 2022, 12:33:37 PM4/20/22
to Radioberry
I have an issue with the latest radioberry driver / rbf that when switching between rx and tx the sample stream is not correct any more. It looks like the sample rate is changing. This only happens when the RX rate is higher than 48 Khz (I use mostly 384 Khz).
Restarting the sdr software won't help. Only a reboot or a unload and reload of the radioberry driver helps.

Does anybody else have the same experience?

73 Paul


Apr 21, 2022, 3:22:58 AM4/21/22
to Radioberry
I did some more experimenting. I don't see this issue when using SDR-Console combined with Johans firmware. So.. the issue will be in my software.
One thing I do not understand why SDR Console sends a samplerate command of 384 Khz during transmit. It looks like the sample rate adjustment is only for receive.
Have change SoapyRadioberry for that if that is the case. 
An other thing is that the samplerate command configures the gateware to 2 receivers, this would explain 24 bits. Does the gateware somehow combine 2 receivers?
Maybe Steve or John can explain this?

73 Paul

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Apr 21, 2022, 4:06:47 AM4/21/22
to Radioberry
Hi Paul

Tx is always in 48Kc sampling rate. You are right sampling rate change is only for RX.

Because of the fixed 48Kc for TX this can be handled by SPI, considering the limited speed of SPI.

Hope this helps.

73 Johan

Op donderdag 21 april 2022 om 09:22:58 UTC+2 schreef


Apr 21, 2022, 4:48:58 AM4/21/22
to Radioberry
Hi Johan,

Thanks, I was putting 48 Khz when transmit. So in effect I was switching back the receiver to 48 Khz instead of the transmitter.
Will change that, problem only is that other sdr receivers and also SoapySDR do this differently. There is no config in SoapySDR to detect this behaviour.
SoapySDR has to inform the SDR software the samplerate for TX is 48Khz but you cannot send it to the radioberry has to be RX samplerate.
For now I will make a configuration item for it in the sdr application. Maybe later a better idea.

Thanks & 73

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May 2, 2022, 12:21:02 PM5/2/22
to Radioberry
This issue is now resolved, I updated the SoapyRadioberry driver for it.
I also fixed some issues in my own software now my tranceiver is working fine.
Thanks Johan or support.

Op donderdag 21 april 2022 om 10:48:58 UTC+2 schreef Paulh002:
rb tranceiver.jpg
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