radioberry problems with transmit

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May 28, 2022, 5:41:46 AM5/28/22
to Radioberry
Well I have been searching for weeks now why my radioberry was crashing when I switched between transmit and receive. 
I was very focussed on software issues and have found some and fixed them, but still no result. 
In de end I checked the hardware, and ofcause powersupply issues :)
Because I combined poweramp, lowpassfilter etc in one box with powersupply it seems that the impulses generated by the relais makes the radioberry crash. 
Now I know this have to work out how to remove all groundloops, denoise the power rails. But I am happy to have found the root-cause. 
So to all be aware of powersupply issues, it can be a difficult issue to find

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