UM232H Module

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Dec 28, 2020, 10:19:51 AM12/28/20
to Radioberry
Hi All,

This message is about improving the data stream from radioberry to RPI and lower the utilization of  the RPI CPU: also the resources required within the FPGA are really limited in comparison to a full ethernet stack!

 Iam enthousiastic ! 

Playing with a module UM232H which uses a FT232 chip . (only one channel)

Running a program on a W10 PC

(will do the same on a RPI)

Type = 0x8
ID = 0x4036014
Description = UM232H

Device with serial number found

Read 1GB from the FTDI in 26.3 seconds.
Average read speed: 326.3 Mbps.

(Running with 254 protocol)

Using only the module not yet connected to the FPGA; pretty amazing results!

I have been reading a little about these FTDI devices today; always thinking that these devices are replacement for serial communication for RS232 replacement... but it seems to be more capable!! Nice.

There are also FTDI chips implementing 2 or 4 channels ... making it possible to program the FPGA. 

The only thing with the current board is how to add the module (also the numbers of IO )

But there are multiple  protocols... will look into it as well and see how to make the connection!

73 Johan


Dec 29, 2020, 5:21:03 AM12/29/20
to Radioberry
Hi Johan,

Thank you very much for your effort to use FT232H with Radioberry.
I'm looking forward to hearing a good news in 2021.

Happy New year and 73,


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