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Victor Kilo

Dec 31, 2021, 5:49:35 AM12/31/21
Anybody any luck in getting the FPGA chip? My order from Mouser has been updated to supply indefinitely uncertain. No available date in the foreseeable future for my back order.

On Fri, 31 Dec 2021, 01:36 , <> wrote:
Peter Hiltz <>: Dec 30 11:41AM -0800

Assuming that pin 3, PTT out, on the CN301 connector is a positive logic
signal that goes high on transmit, does anyone know if there is a delay
between it going high and start of ...more
Peter Hiltz <>: Dec 30 09:48AM -0800

I certainly am interested in a preamp board buy.
On Saturday, December 4, 2021 at 1:57:28 PM UTC-5 Phil Barker wrote:
pa3gsb <>: Dec 30 12:42AM -0800

Is the gateware loaded?
When connected to the internet... it should be possible for everyone to see
the status?
73 Johan
Peter Hiltz <>: Dec 30 06:16AM -0800

It's alive! (Apologies to the original Frankenstein movie)
Here is a summary of what happened, what I'll suggest Johan consider, and
what my next steps are.
First, thanks again to Johan ...more
pa3gsb <>: Dec 30 07:15AM -0800

Is the dev release not working with gcc10?
Strange i have updated the repo to make it compliant with gcc10.
Please provide the installation log.
73 Johan
Peter <>: Dec 30 08:56AM -0800

Does anyone try the latest pihpsdr?I use the script from PA3GSB on
github,but there are no sound card to output on my RPI4, so no sound can be
在2021年12月30日星期四 UTC+8 ...more
Rick Koch <>: Dec 29 04:56PM -0800

Hi Johan,
I'd like to buy one.
I sent you email with my info.
-Rick / N1GP
On Tuesday, December 28, 2021 at 1:28:40 PM UTC-5 Radioberry wrote:
Tokio <>: Dec 30 11:16AM +0900

Hello Johan,
I've been waiting for the Juice board beta2.
I'd like to buy one.
Please give me the detailed information off the list.
J P Watters <>: Dec 30 04:33AM

I am interested in a board, I would send funding,
If you like, I will paypal you your estimate for shipping to US.
And if your estimate is short, I would paypal you the difference.
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