Radio Officers

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Welcome to the Radio Officers google group.

This list is intended to help us preserve our history, thus the membership is restricted to those who would know our history because they participated in it.  it is a list concerning commercial radio, it is NOT an amateur radio list, and amateur radio except for incidental or radio officer related mentions is considered off topic..

All sorts of opinions are welcome, but civility MUST be maintained at all levels while communicating through this list.  This list is conducted in English, but posts in other languages are accepted.  We have managers who speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, and members who speak many more languages, if you need help, ask.  If you need a manager to help ESPECIALLY if there might be a misunderstanding.  Remember that for many English is not a native language and sometimes misunderstandings arise because of the many subtleties of the English language.  I have found this to be the case in ALL of the reasons why people have suddenly left this group.  Before you leave, email n1ea at arrl dot net, the group owner. 

To contact owner (and managers) or to subscribe to RSS feeds?  See!aboutgroup/radio-officers for list owner email address and RSS Feed links.

73 de R/O list, QRU?