Tossing for the Order of Sports?

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Dec 30, 2008, 11:15:59 AM12/30/08
to The Racketlon Chat
Happy new year to you all....

Now then a topic we all know and love and neither the first or last
time it will be discussed.

Having played a tournament last weekend at Letchworth and having
beaten up a load of tennis players (good profile for me), the majority
of the feedback was naturally about the order of the sports as at
least if they would have had the chance to duff me up at tennis, I
would have won say +15 instead of +30 with tennis to spare. is my set of advantages and disadvantages, lets see
what the outcome is:

Toss at the start of the tournament to determine the order of the
sports (tossing at the start of the match has also been suggested but
this is not logistically something which can be entertained).


1. More tennis is played.
2. Racketlon becomes more attractive and marketable to tennis
specialists who can greater utilise and enjoy their strength in
3. The random order is logical in terms of fairness.


1. Confusion added to an already complicated rulebook. This is two
tier. Some players will get confused and people new to the sport will
require more explanation.
2. Tennis takes the longest so less matches and less players will be
able to play in tournaments if more tennis is played than now
3. Almost impossible to devise an accurate schedule in advance, would
20 minutes per match have to be allowed if 21-up tennis happens at
least 99% of the time? Perhaps this could be avoided by announcing the
order in advance
4. Do we need to change a winning formula? What if it breaks the
5. The weighting doesn't change so overall results are unlikely to
6. The logic of smallest to largest racket goes out the window
(injuries more likely?)

Anyway as I said playing racketlon against 3 tennis specialists at a
tennis club, this is a pretty standard debate. Everyone still had a
good time and I'm sure they will all have another go........I
personally think the disadvantages win and the rules are just fine.

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