Squash Scoring Rules Will Change 1 April: Rally Scoring to 11 Introduced

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Feb 5, 2009, 4:30:44 PM2/5/09
to The Racketlon Chat
Apparently, the International Squash Federation has decided to change
their official rules on 1 April to include "Point A Rally" (PAR)
scoring to 11.

It should be noted though that it seems as if the traditional "Hand in
Hand out" (HiHo) scoring to 9 will remain as a an alternative.

Here is a great page with more detail - including some of the debate
that has been going on:

Personally, I have to say that I agree with World No.1 Nicol David
(quoted from the page linked from above):

"But David ... believes it would be a mistake to abandon the
traditional hand in hand-out scoring used for more than 80 years.
Asked if there was a risk of such a change producing very short
matches, David replied: 'Yes, definitely. Normal scoring would be so
much better for the juniors and grass roots. The game is all about how
to come back when you are down. It's never over till it's over: the
essence of the normal scoring. But with American (point a rally)
scoring you will get less fightbacks. That would be such a shame and I
really hope it doesn't go that way.' "

What's your take on this, JOD?


Feb 6, 2009, 9:54:34 AM2/6/09
to The Racketlon Chat
For me its just a progression of the sport, its not a big deal, i left
table tennis at local league level and when i returned it was games
played up to 11,squash in Swedish elite league and the recent Junior SM
(Swedish Junior championships) are all played to 11, i think more
chances are available once you are a few pionts up in the game, while
before the scoring could be a slow, i've seen pro match up too 9
points, be at 0-0 for 10 minutes, squash is now the same scoring as
table tennis up to 11 and a longer game of badminton with scoring each
point to 21, while tennis has its nice whites clothing and nothing has
or will change in tennis ever, sorry my mistake there let the players
sit in the interval and change the colours of the tennis balls....


Feb 6, 2009, 11:06:08 AM2/6/09
to The Racketlon Chat
I wonder what would happen if tennis introduced Point-A-Rally scoring
- five sets to 21? Would that be good for the sport?


Feb 11, 2009, 4:46:58 PM2/11/09
to The Racketlon Chat
Then you would ruin the "pressure" points you get in each game, which
you don't get many of in squash.
They have been testing different scoring for doubles in squash, best
of 7 up to 7, best of 9 up to 5.
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