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Nov 14, 2008, 8:31:05 AM11/14/08
to The Racketlon Chat
"P@" wrote on Nov 14, 10:00 am:

i would like to see someone else take the title, no direspect to the
Federers/Jahangir Khans of Racketlon, but id also like to make a
prediction if i could only get into the result reporter to see whos
entered.takes forever. whats your top 12 JOD?. i fancy Christof Krenn
to take title in mens and in ladies a Kakasova Keller final.
with re to getting new countries involved, it will take time, but is
doing well in my view. im also pretty sure there are European
countries still to target.
cheers for now and good luck to all in Furth/Nurneburg

JOD wrote:
> Will Marcel be carrying on doing a fantanstic job as President is my
> first questions? if not,has anyone mention a replacement, as at the
> Gothenberg tournament i was asked my a couple of people with votes for
> the upcoming elections, i would ask Marcel if possible to stay on,
> unless there are people with the interest and time to step into his
> shoes.
> If not, a certain J Porsborn is a possible choice with his outstanding
> tennis knowledge and tennis connections he would be good replacement.
> Or even that slick tt player from Belguim Gert Persman, i guess its
> all about time and interest.
> It seems we have gone almost to the point in Europe,where we can't
> take the sport to too many new countries and really do that much more
> with the sport either.
> See you all in Germany
> A Non Mikko K Vs M Eliasson Final..... any takers...???
> On Nov 12, 12:24 am, H <> wrote:
> > To ALL Members of the Racketlon Community:
> > This is your last chance to suggest any changes to the Racketlon Rules
> > for this year's Annual General Meeting of the International Racketlon
> > Federation - to be held at the World Championships in Germany. I will
> > need your proposals on Friday at the latest.
> > Your suggestions should contain the following:
> > 1) Name of the proposer
> > 2) Proposed change (exact wording)
> > 3) Reason for change (pros AND cons)
> > You can send your suggestions either openly as a post in this chat
> > thread or to my e-mail address (e.g. by clicking "reply to author" on
> > this message).
> > Presently valid rules can be found here:
> > (or, identically, on
> > We welcome your ideas. In the spirit of democracy I will make an
> > effort to put serious suggestions received this way on the agenda of
> > the AGM!
> > Hans Mullamaa
> > - FIR Rules Officer
> > P.S.
> > The AGM will be held on Friday 28 Nov. 9pm
> > Here are some paragraphs from the FIR statutes relevant to changes of
> > the Racketlon Rules:
> > 8.5 Requests, Proposals and nominations to the General Meeting can be
> > made by any member
> > association or any member of the Council and must be submitted to the
> > Council latest two weeks before the General Meeting by letter, Fax or
> > E-mail. Any request or proposal received by the appropriate date must
> > appear on the agenda of the meeting.
> > 8.6 No amendment, other than one of wording which does not alter the
> > meaning or intent of the original proposal, shall be accepted by the
> > Chair at a General Meeting unless it shall have been directly sent to
> > the Council no later than two weeks in advance of the meeting. Notice
> > of any amendment received shall be sent by the Council to all members
> > of the FIR 10 days before the date of the meeting at which the
> > proposal shall be considered together with the agenda.
> > 17.2 No alteration shall be made to the Rules of Racketlon except at a
> > General Meeting. Any proposal embodying such alteration, or one having
> > a likewise effect, must be carried by a majority of two-thirds of the
> > votes cast. Such alterations will take effect on the 1st January of
> > the year following the General Meeting unless decided otherwise by the
> > General Meeting.


Nov 14, 2008, 11:36:58 AM11/14/08
to The Racketlon Chat
I think the top 12 of the world champs is all so different to what a
proper top 12 would be, if everyone was full time and playing every
event, i think we would still see Mikko, Eliasson, playing a lot of
finals with from time to time Adamsson D Struther, R Thomson C Reid C
Kreen Roland Helle,M Kallberg C Wall, Elmar somewhere there.

Ladies,i think i've said before i find it hard to still see any of the
woman taking part who could beat Sarah Mcfad, all about profiles, at
the moment its M Bjorkstrom L Jansson or Kakasova with perhaps Silke
and Susanna not to far behind, i thinks its a boyfriend ,girlfriend
winners this year by Mikko and Mickela, runners up, will see once the
draws done.

You having a South African open anytime soon P?
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Nov 14, 2008, 11:58:07 AM11/14/08
to The Racketlon Chat
Good call, you've seen alot of these players play and know their
potential. you have alot of experience in tournaments and all 4
sports. i forgot bout Reid, havnt seen for long time.i remember the
afro ginger man, think he is concerving his energy and will surprise
in future.
you have alot of faith in McFadden, good to see you backing your own,
even after moving to a warmer? climate.
its difficult living so far, i would definitely have taken part in
more events, the vibe is great and i love the competition/challenge.

i think next year can only get better here in SA, the response from
players has been awesome, a few players whom i thought to be mediocre
are actualy coming into their own and may be contenders. sad to not
see any at this years worlds. a few tournaments ie: SA open maybe in
the pipeline. watch and sites for
more info. But one cannot excpect such rapid growth in Africa as in
Europe. But having a few of the internationals here will definitely
boost the movement. once again good luck and dont count yourself out
of that top 12 JOD, you have talent, just harness it into a good
racketlon player you are.

looking forward to the draw and odds to place my bets.

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Nov 14, 2008, 4:03:46 PM11/14/08
to The Racketlon Chat
Training hard, Doug?
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