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Dec 11, 2008, 3:33:55 AM12/11/08
to The Racketlon Chat
I believe there are a number of companies out there needing to sponsor
teams, individuals and events. they need the exposure Racketlon can
provide them, they need to do their bit for the community or they need
the boost in image which our sport of Racketlon can provide. They dont
know where to look, here is the place, on this informative down to
earth no strings attached chat. To often they have to pay some
companies to find them suitable sponsorees, not anymore.

I believe there are just as many out there who deserve a good sponsor
behind them, to show their new backing exactly what they are made of
and capable of.

Here is the place to put your requests, to sponsor or be sponsored. To
build a team to be reckoned with, to make an event no one will forget,
to be that individual who reaches the top.

Here is the place where relationships are made.

Here is the place to sponsor.

This sponsor request chat is for the sport of Racketlon only.


Dec 20, 2008, 3:40:19 AM12/20/08
to The Racketlon Chat
We would like to wish all the Racketlon players a merry x-mas, happy
new year. rest well, train well , be good and see you all in 2009.
Best wishes.
Racketlon South Africa
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