The Animated Guide to Symex (for Emacs users)

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Siddhartha Kasivajhula

Sep 26, 2021, 12:06:39 PMSep 26
to Racket Users
Hi all,
I posted this on Reddit but I'm not sure if anyone noticed it there, so I'm reposting it here since I think it could be useful to fellow Emacs / Racket Mode users.

This is an animated guide to a Lisp structural editing package for Emacs (that I authored) similar to paredit and lispy, but with a very different approach -- in particular, it uses a DSL internally to describe arbitrary traversals over the code, and exposes the functionality in a modal interface implemented as an Evil state (but you don't need to be an Evil user to use it). I think it provides a very clean and expressive editing experience. It also has special support for Racket since, obviously, I write Racket :). Take a look:


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