what is the limit of 2htdp/image and 2htdp/universe in terms of making games? i dont plan to make anything too huge but i do want to teach spritesheet animation for some pixel art

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jest array

Sep 19, 2021, 3:49:21 AMSep 19
to Racket Users
I want to teach making a few classic arcade hits like pong, space invaders, flappy birds, etc, maybe lastly one that involves pixel art spritesheet animation and I'm just curious if 2htdp/universe can handle it.
Can anyone send me some 2htdp/universe games so I can test a few?
Anyone got any perf tips for when it can't? I suppose moving up a language level will provide some perf? 

Stephen De Gabrielle

Sep 19, 2021, 5:44:05 PMSep 19
to jest array, Racket Users

There are some resources at 

You might be in particular interested in the 
Support code for RacketCon 2019 Game Jam tutorial: 


I didn’t attend the tutorial so I don’t have any other details


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