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Andre Garzia

Sep 20, 2019, 8:42:57 AM9/20/19
to Racket Users

Thanks a lot for the detailed response. I am new to Racket, FFI and
everything else but I decided to take a shot at it today. I've managed
to create a web-view% GUI class that can display web pages on macOS. It
is wrapping around WKWebView which is the current way of doing things. I
haven't programmed in Objective-C in 16 years, so I a bit over my head

I've uploaded it to:


I don't yet feel that it is ready for the package catalog. I need to fix
many things and I'd really welcome help from people who know the current
Objective-C way of doing things. WKWebView relies a lot in properties
and I can't find a way to deal with them. For example the "delegate" in
the code in the repo is not working, nor is the retrieval of the current
URL (which in Objective-C should be as simple as "webView.URL")

Anyway, it is a first step towards a real Web View for Racket GUI. It
can already load pages and navigate, so it is not completely broken.
This is my first FFI project and also my first Racket code after doing
Beautiful Racket, it is all brand new to me. Sorry if I'm not idiomatic.

I'd really like feedback, advise and help with this. All programming
ecosystems benefit from having Web Views. I hope this becomes my first
contribution to Racket.

I also need to do Windows and Linux, but one lion at a time...



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