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Eric Wong

May 10, 2016, 4:31:21 PM5/10/16
Hey all,

Since the Google Groups web UI is unusable without a GUI browser
and JS; I've requested start mirroring this group and
new posts should appear at:

Does anybody here have complete archives of past posts?

I'm not sure if Google provides this data in a convenient way,
but the gmane admins at can import an mbox of
old posts.

I didn't subscribe until Oct 2008, and I filter my email heavily
so a lot of attachments/HTML/signatures are stripped to save
space. But worst case is I can have them import my stripped-down
archives if nobody else has the messages. should also work, so maybe this post
can be linked as:

And in the future, this should make it easier to refer to
messages by Message-Id in a decentralized way.

James Tucker

May 11, 2016, 3:51:31 AM5/11/16
to Rack Development

If you remind me at some point I'll get/generate one.


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Eric Wong

May 11, 2016, 9:57:43 PM5/11/16
James Tucker <> wrote:
> If you remind me at some point I'll get/generate one.

Thanks, I but Christian already sent me his archives.
Anyways, it'd still be nice if you could get Google to start
providing downloadable archives for other groups, too.
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