ANN Action required: Erlang packages moved to a different Bintray org

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Michael Klishin

Mar 28, 2019, 5:17:50 PM3/28/19
to rabbitmq-users
TL;DR: if you provision Erlang packages from Team RabbitMQ's Bintray org, please switch to by April 26th. If you don't provision Erlang packages
from Bintray, no action is required.

Dear RabbitMQ users,

Some of you provision recent Erlang releases from the RabbitMQ org on Bintray [1][2].
Around November 2018 our team switched our pipeline that produces Erlang builds
to use a separate org [3]. There were no new builds published to [1] and [2] since then.

The reason for this move is Bintray's notorious policy of blocking downloads for projects
on the open source plan when certain quotas are exceeded. We'd like to minimise the risk
of this happening again so large Erlang packages were moved to a separate org.
If it gets blocked, at least RabbitMQ downloads on Bintray would not be affected. doc guides [4][5] were updated shortly after but a lot of early adopters
keep using [1] and [2], even though they don't get new Erlang versions that way and
we've marked the packages as deprecated. According to our estimates, Erlang installations
from the main org account for a good third of the bandwidth quota. This is a significant
volume of traffic we would really like to migrate away from the main org.

As such, we will be PERMANENTLY REMOVING Erlang packages from the main Bintray org [1][2] on April 29th, 2019. If you provision Erlang from [1] or [2], please switch to the new org [3].
The new repo provides the latest Erlang patch releases. There are no reasons to stick to the
original ones.

Switching over is a matter of updating one or two lines in apt and yum repository definitions.
Documentation guides on [4][5][6] use new repositories,
so please take a look at what they recommend.

Repository signing keys are identical for both orgs. There is no need to reimport the key.

In case you have any questions about this migration, ask away in this thread.

Thank you.


Staff Software Engineer, Pivotal/RabbitMQ

Michael Klishin

Apr 22, 2019, 6:53:00 PM4/22/19
to rabbitmq-users
A friendly reminder that the old Erlang and Elixir repos will be removed on April 29th, which is about a week from now.

Please schedule a migration some time this week or your deployments may break.
The new repositories provide the latest patch releases of Erlang 21.3.x, 20.3.x and 19.3.x.
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