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Frank J Glover

Dec 3, 2017, 4:40:07 PM12/3/17

Some have shown an interest in seeing the entire story I'm doing, as
far along as it is at present.

Note that the occasional use of '(fill)' is my shorthand for 'that
which has yet to be written,' as sometimes there are scenes I know I want
to use, and need to get them down now while thinking of them, then fill
in the story in between, hopefully seamlessly. The 'fragment3.rtf' file
is one that I chose to keep completely apart from the main body of the
story for now. (link to
Lyrane.rtf The curent version can always be found backed up here.) (link to
'Beautiful Ocean, Treacherous Sea' [in the 'Lyrane' universe]) (link
to 'Ocean Patrol' [in the 'Lyrane' universe]) (link to
'Siren Star' [in the 'Lyrane' universe]) (link to a
scene from a roughly planned story later in the 'Lyrane' universe) (link to a
scene from a roughly planned story later in the 'Lyrane' universe) (link to
scenes late in Lyrane.rtf, kept separate for their possible 'spoiler'
nature) (link
to Transcendental [not set in the Lyrane universe, and left unfinished
for a long time, though I've always had a sense of where I want to take
it]) (link
to drawing of main character from "The Geronimo Link' and
'Transcendental') (link to
steamy.02.rtf, a still different story I wrote mostly for fun, involving
several real people...)

Unfortunately, I seem to have lost all copies of 'The Oasis of Farside,'
a short story wherein universe-central character Joan McMillen and fellow
cadet Valentina Petrov stumble across a small Lantelian electronic
monitoring station on Earth's Moon, at the edge of the farside
hemisphere, and referred to in other writings. Hopefully, I may yet find


Check out my web page at: http://delphinus100.angelfire.comm/link3.htm

"Science fiction is not predictive; it is descriptive."
- Ursula K. Le Guin

Duchess Says Goodbye To Royal Family

Eric Scoles

Dec 3, 2017, 10:24:49 PM12/3/17
to r-spec
Thanks for sharing this, Frank!

(Just want to make sure you're aware this is on the web, now. We can delete it if you want, now that everyone on the list has the links in email. Just let me know.) 

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