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Jim Newton

Sep 12, 2018, 7:30:11 AM9/12/18
to Quicklisp
Hi, I have several libraries I'd like to make available from quicklisp.  
Currently I am developing them in the same git repository, and testing them together.
what I need to do to make them quicklisp compatible.

Do I need to make each library into its own directory structure, such that directory structures 
of two packages never overlap?    Do I need to refactor my directory structure?  Does asdf
have a way to extract the files it needs? I saw a comment somewhere about asdf bundle operations, but

There is a comment in the getting-library-into-quicklisp.html about allowing quicklisp
to auto-update itself when I have a new release.  I don't understand how that is controlled.
How do I associate a download-me.tgz with a quicklisp package?   Will this forever
be the name of the initial file which is part of the original submission?

Thanks for help anyone can give me.

Luís Oliveira

Sep 12, 2018, 8:18:28 AM9/12/18
to quic...@googlegroups.com
Hi Jim,

If ASDF can currently find and load your current systems then you don't need to do anything extra. As a first approximation, you could think of Quicklisp as a tool that'll download your library's tarball and unpack it somewhere where ASDF can find it.

It does other things, too. For instance, it identifies which systems are available within your library so that quickloading any of those will trigger the download of your library's tarball.

Understandably, you need to point Zach to some stable place where he can grab new versions of your library, e.g., a link to a tarball (e.g. you-library-latest.tgz) that'll you update regularly. I think he can deal with git branches and git tags as well.


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