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Nov 22, 2011, 1:17:52 PM11/22/11
to QuickConnect
Hi everyone, I am still new to 4.2 was used to using the older xCode
but I am going through the pains now.
I am using an example to build a new App but I it comes up as a scheme
and I need to change it so I can build for adhoc or build for Appstore
I have never dealt with schemes before so this is completely new. Can
someone explain this to me or let me know how to convert it.


Lee Barney

Nov 22, 2011, 2:12:24 PM11/22/11

I have a beta version of an Xcode template that could make your work much easier. Would you be interested in trying it?


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Jeff Janes

Nov 22, 2011, 2:27:03 PM11/22/11
Hi Lee, Let me explain what my end result is and maybe it will give you
enough info to determine if your new template would work for me.

I am trying to build an App that will allow me to play videos or audio file
using the HTML5 coding along with that I amusing it read a mysql database on
my server to determine what media files will be available to the user.

I also need to communicate with apple to deal with subcriptions or

Purchases would be used to enable a onetime purchase for countinual access
to media files previously unavailable

A subscription would be used to allow ongoing access all locked media
available in the App with some previews allowed for free

There will also be several javascript tools like different calculators all
accessed via a separate page in the App.

I am not strong with the communication aspect that I need to put in place

I have in the past used examples from QC1.6 to build on to make other Apps

I am not familiar with the SCHEME thing on xcode 4.2 so I need to be able to
build for the Appstore as an .ipa file

If this is still a candidate for your template then I would be excited to
use it.


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