iphone/ipad setup with Google mail, contacts, calendar

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Dec 12, 2012, 1:05:37 PM12/12/12
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I realize there are tons of instructions out there for how to do this, and I am successfully set up with both my iPhone and iPad to sync both wirelessly with contacts, mail, and the calendar. Here are my questions.

1. Google has set up instructions that talk about setting up an Exchange account. This seems to be old information. I was able to get this to work just using the Gmail account that pops up when you set up Mail, Contacts, and Calendar. ???? Why are these instructions still out there, or am I missing something??

2. I am unclear about the iTunes sync settings. I finally just turned off the "sync when connecting" setting to avoid overwriting or duplicating the data in each of these apps. It would seem to me that since Google is keeping the backup in the Google cloud for mail, contacts, and calendar, why do I need to keep a copy in iCloud or on my iMac??????

Clarification requested on these two things. Thanks.
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