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We are sharing an open source python framework that we made here at
Machinalis: Quepy https://github.com/machinalis/quepy

Quepy is a framework to transform questions in natural language into
queries in a database language.
It can be easily adapted to different types of questions in natural
language, so that with little code you can build your own interface to
a database in natural language.

Currently, Quepy supports only the SPARQL query language, but in
future versions and with the collaboration of the community we are
planning to extend it to other database query languages.

You are invited to participate and collaborate with the project.

We leave here links to the documentation [0], the source code [1], and
also a Pypi package [2].

Also, as an example, we have an online instance of Quepy the interacts
with DBpedia available [3].

Source code for this example instance is available within the Quepy
package so you can kickstart your project from an existing, working

If you like it, or if you have suggestions: Tell us about it! We're
just an email away [4].


[0] https://github.com/machinalis/quepy
[1] http://quepy.readthedocs.org/
[2] http://pypi.python.org/pypi/quepy/
[3] quepy.machinalis.com (Don't expect a QA system, it's an example)
[4] quepyproject[(at)]machinalis.com