Instructions for Installing Macchanger Needed

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Apr 14, 2015, 12:25:35 AM4/14/15
Hey Folks,

Off the bat, this is my first foray into the world of Linux. So far, I have successfully installed Qubes and even configured Whonix. Everything is working great! The documentation on the wiki is excellent. I am learning a lot in the process and really enjoying it as well.

Asking for help on the forums is last resort, I have tried to find the answer via Google but I have not had much luck.

The Issue:

Install an application that allows me to spoof the MAC address for my NICs. My understanding is this would be done through only the NetVM as this is the only DomU that has access to the network hardware that I am attempting to Spoof. The NetVM in turn relies on the default Fedora templateVM which would be the target VM for the software install. Please correct me if any of my logic is incorrect.

The Question:

Very simple! How do I install a mac spoofing app in Qubes? Macchanger is the application most often recommended. I understand you would need to also probably add a trusted repository (which i understand is basically just a storing place for various linux packages like drivers, apps, updates, etc).

If anyone has the time to give me some clear step by step instructions on this it would be greatly appreciated. I have searched the user group and nothing precise exists so I am sure it would be of benefit to others in the future as well.

TL;DR - Step by step instructions for installing Macchanger app on Qubes.


Apr 14, 2015, 5:01:58 AM4/14/15

A repository is a source for packages. The Qubes templates already have
the core Fedora repositories configured and ready to use, and they
include macchanger.

The way I recommend is to open a Terminal for the template vm that is
used by netvm (this is probably fedora-20-x64), then run:

$ sudo yum install macchanger

The next time your netvm starts the new software will be available for use.

Automating it can be a problem because it doesn't interface with
NetworkManager. See prior discussions here:!msg/qubes-users/Yo73MZC4038/yGI8IwhDTUgJ!topic/qubes-users/TrlfgxLAcR0

Looking at Lanythe's suggestion, it seems like a combination of
macchanger and 'ip link set' (or 'nmcli connection modify ...
cloned-mac') run at startup might yield good results.

I just noticed the debian 8 template has a macchanger package that asks
if you'd like the address changed automatically whenever the interfaces
go up... so that is another configuration option, though I haven't
tested how well it works in Qubes.

Yet another option is linked here:

May 6, 2015, 2:37:09 AM5/6/15
Hey cprise,

I followed your instructions and was able to get macchanger basic install & setup. I will investigate further on the scripting. Thanks for your help on this!
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