HCL - Lenovo T450s (i7-5600U)

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David A. Harding

Apr 8, 2016, 8:55:35 PM4/8/16
to qubes...@googlegroups.com
Installation went well:

- UEFI boot didn't work; legacy boot worked fine
- Not unexpectedly, I had to enable vt-x and vt-d in the BIOS settings.
- I haven't tried playing with AEM yet, but there were settings for the
TPM in the BIOS screens and the HCL report at least said "device
- I set a Dvorak keyboard during the install and now I can type my
filesystem decryption passphrase using Dvorak on each boot---very

Hardware all seems to be working:

- Webcam works fine with Cheese in UsbVM and with Google Hangouts when I
attach the USB ports to a regular AppVM
- Sound works excellent in all AppVMs using both speakers and headphones
- Wifi worked perfectly out of the box; I haven't tried Ethernet
- Used a mini-DisplayPort-to-DVI adapter to attach to a second screen
with no problems and full expected resolution. I haven't tested the
VGA output yet.
- Both trackpoint and touchpad work fine (inculding all buttons);
two-finger scroll on the touchpad also works well

Anyone else who buys this model laptop should note that it includes an
additional 12GB SSD drive that is used for a hardware hiberation
feature. If your laptop is in suspend-to-RAM for more than 3 hours (by
default), it writes the contents of RAM to the SSD and then shuts off
the laptop to conserve power. When turned back on, it reads the
contents of the drive back into RAM and continues operation from where
it left off.

That's a pretty nifty feature from a power management perspective, but
it sounds bad to me from a security perspective so I disabled it in the


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