HCL Asus x750JA

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Jan 17, 2015, 2:19:39 PM1/17/15
to qubes...@googlegroups.com
Vt-x and Vt-d both working on this decently priced Asus laptop (HCL
attached). Anyone attempting to install should note that, in order to
boot to the Qubes usb, it is necessary to enable legacy CSM in the BIOS,
and of course to disable secure boot.

Audio seems to be working just fine, and no problems so far, though I
haven't tried to pass usb-webcam video to any VMs yet.

I added an extra big SSD, though it can optionally come with one. One
downside is that it comes with intel anti-theft, backdoored right to the
hard drive, which when I put the drive into another older computer, it
revealed what I am assuming is some kind of special firmware for this
purpose via weird boot messages seemingly related. It can be disables
in the BIOS as well. Also, this model can't do any more than 8gb,
though it's cousin models can do 16gb or more.


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