r2b3 install disk - USB keyboard and mouse do not respond

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Chris Lewis

Dec 14, 2013, 12:25:10 AM12/14/13
to qubes...@googlegroups.com
I'm trying to install Qubes R2 Beta 3 on my desktop computer using the DVD ISO, but there is a problem.

My system:
BioStar A880GZ
AMD Phenom II X4 processor
SATA II hard drive
Logitech keyboard
Microsoft mouse

The system boots fine and starts the setup from the DVD.  It loads up the kernel and image, the screen goes blank, the mouse and keyboard lights shut off, and the startup messages briefly appear and it continues to boot.  Everything else starts normally, but the USB devices don't work, so I can't go through the install.

I believe this is a kernel issue, is there a way to force the kernel to recognize the usb keyboard and mouse?  I don't have a PS/2 mouse or keyboard, so I'm pretty much stuck here.  The only other information I found was something about iommu, but I don't see any support for that on my motherboard bios. 

Any help is appreciated.

Hakisho Nukama

Dec 14, 2013, 3:33:26 AM12/14/13
to Chris Lewis, qubes...@googlegroups.com
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I've also struggled with this issue. (AMD 790GX / SB750 board)

Try the troubleshooting mode and boot from another kernel.
3.7 and 3.9 may work.

Chris Lewis

Dec 15, 2013, 1:56:44 AM12/15/13
to qubes...@googlegroups.com, Chris Lewis
Thanks for the tip.  I had tried that before, but I guess I was already frustrated with this problem, and when I saw the mouse light go off with the 3.7 kernel, I just powered off my machine. 

With a little more patience, I see that the usb mouse & keyboard lights go off, but then are re-initialized later on with the 3.7 and 3.9 kernels.  3.11 is the only kernel that refuses to recognize usb devices.

now, to find out why the apps won't start from the KDE menu on my fresh & clean install.
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