HCL - Lenovo T430s with Qubes R2rc1

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Apr 25, 2014, 9:16:14 PM4/25/14
to qubes...@googlegroups.com
After 2 days of use, the system generally works better since dom0 was
upgraded to R2rc1. I did not reinstall, but may opt to do so in the future.

First, the bad news:

* Audio playback experiences more breakup/discontinuity than before.

* Qubes doesn't see the USB keyboard when asking for the HD passphrase,
so I have to momentarily switch to the built-in keyboard to boot the
system. I wonder if this is a side-effect of upgrading Qubes with an AEM
boot drive (maybe AEM needs to be reinstalled onto the stick)?

* Service vms initially would not startup because the upgrade had
removed kernel 3.7 from the vm kernel pool. You may want to put this in
'known issues'.

Some old problems that still remain:

* AEM still suffers from the tboot-induced memory allocation problem.
About 3GB disappear from system when booting with AEM, and VM Manager
acts confused about memory when trying to start vms (says its out of
memory when there is plenty and there are no other appvms running).

* Screen brightness keys are still broken. The KDE key mappings I use to
replace them still have the same quirky behavior when waking from sleep
(control over brightness is lost until the OSD level is brought to
either 0 or 100, at which point brightness tracks the OSD again).

All the other Fn-key functions are broken as well (lock, sleep, ext.
screen, play/pause).

* Mute acts as a toggle and the status light doesn't track the actual
state of the sound card.

* Wifi has an activation delay after system startup. Somehow, the delay
seems less than before, but its still well over a minute.

* Race condition still exists on shutdown/restart, but the delay is now
closer to 40 sec. than the old figure of roughly 3 min. Issuing
'qvm-shutdown --all --wait; systemctl poweroff' is still a much quicker
and more graceful way to shutdown.

* Battery stats in the systray are still very confused by a system
equipped with 2 batteries: It shifts between reporting the levels
separately, or combined, or omitting the 2nd battery. OTOH, it now
reports the battery level in my mouse, which is useless.

Some noticed improvements:

* Monitor handling is now similar to Ubuntu. I can even connect a 2nd
display, then disable the internal display... and when I later
disconnect the 2nd display the internal one automatically re-activates.
Finally, when I re-connect the 2nd display the primary desktop moves to
it and the internal screen de-activates. (Fedora is 'first' to get the
code, and the last to get sensible configuration... F18 was completely
atrocious in this respect.)

* No sudden system resets with the 3.12 kernel, so far.

* Ethernet behaves just fine. Under r2b3 both 'regular' and 'testing',
it actually seemed to conflict with Wifi (I could get ethernet to work
consistently by physically switching Wifi off).

* Boot times are far, far quicker. Its like booting an Ubuntu system now
(under 4 seconds after entering the disk passphrase).

Other observations:

* Sleep seems to be an issue for other people; It still works pretty
good for me.

* A big issue for me in the past has been the inability for Qubes to
cope with VOIP calls, so I look forward to having another trial with
Linphone and the like.

* I also have to test Trusted PDF creation from vms with different
templates; months ago it started to fail.

* There is no obvious way to import a display color profile in dom0.
I'll probably search for a way to do this on the command line.



Apr 26, 2014, 3:56:22 PM4/26/14
to qubes...@googlegroups.com
Thanks for posting this summary!

(I'm experiencing some of these, and misery loves company :-) )

*Lots* of balls in the air: Xen, Qubes, Fedora, KDE..... Hard to know
which causes what, but ISTM bare-metal Fedora/KDE users are experiencing
many; so like others, I try to visit Google and Fedora/KDE user groups
first before mentioning issues here. (e.g. Sleep is one for me - and
apparently for the bare-metal Fedora/KDE community as well.)

So it is nice to see a summary such as yours - not to complain to Joanna
and Merak - but to share a big Xen/Qubes/Fedora/KDE picture.

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