How to use quarkus-grpc with quarkus-resteasy?

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David Hoffer

Nov 18, 2021, 2:46:28 PM11/18/21
to Quarkus Development mailing list
I am wanting to add support for gRPC in a Quarkus app. 

The above guide only discusses the reactive approach.

By default the quarkus-grpc extension relies on reactive programming model, in this guide we will follow reactive approach. Under the dependencies section of your pom.xml file replace the quarkus-resteasy dependency with quarkus-resteasy-reactive.

How can I do this with quarkus-resteasy instead?


Michał Szynkiewicz

Nov 19, 2021, 4:27:58 AM11/19/21
to David Hoffer, Quarkus Development mailing list
It is entirely possible to use Quarkus gRPC with the classic RESTEasy. It's just the choice made by the guide to use RESTEasy Reactive.
Do you have any specific problems with this combination?

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David Hoffer

Nov 23, 2021, 10:57:51 AM11/23/21
to Quarkus Development mailing list
Originally I was planning to test out Quarkus with gRPC in an existing application that does not use the reactive approach so there was no way I could do it in that app.  I have now created a separate app to test out the reactive approach for gRPC.  I like it when documentation shows all approaches so the reader can apply the one that works best in their situation.  However things are going quite well in new prototype that uses reactive.


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