Quarkus 2.5.0.CR1

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Guillaume Smet

Nov 11, 2021, 12:55:40 PM11/11/21
to Quarkus Development mailing list

We have released Quarkus 2.5.0.CR1. Please give it a try on your applications and report back if you encounter any issue by creating a GitHub issue with a reproducer attached.

The Core final artifacts for 2.5.0.Final will be built on November 17th for a release November 24th.

* Major changes:

  * [21235] Encryption support for Reactive Microsoft SQL Server Client
  * [21102] Introduce `quarkus.http.header`
  * [21052] Add the ability to run main class in test
  * [20959] Implement dev-services support for the Oracle Database
  * [20894] Update to GraalVM 21.3
  * [20875] Implement @ProjectedFieldName on reactive entities
  * [20768] Upgrades to Infinispan 13.0.0.Final, adds infinispan test resource
  * [20760] Upgrade Flyway to 8.0.1
  * [20708] Support for JPA entity listeners, including in native mode
  * [20707] Support for OAuth2 providers such as GitHub
  * [20570] Support for generating ServiceBinding CR
  * [20549] Introduce the ability to filter json output based on user roles
  * [20476] Implement Dev Services for Infinispan
  * [20222] Add the ability to auto generate Flyway migration

* BOM dependency:


* Changelog and Download are available from https://github.com/quarkusio/quarkus/releases/tag/2.5.0.CR1
* Documentation: https://quarkus.io

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