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How to Get Rid of Rat Extermination Toronto  at Work

Here are some things you can do to get rid of mice in the office. One should make sure the office is tidy. This means sweeping the floors and cleaning behind the furniture. This is to keep mice from coming into the office because of food. One should also make sure that water sources like water dispensers and taps are in good shape to stop water from leaking. This is so that water doesn't get on the floor of the office and attracts rats looking for a drink.

One should also look for holes in the office that rats could use to get in. Most of the time, these holes are near the roofs, walls, and floors. When found, they should be closed with metal mesh or steel wool. But only metal mesh should be used to cover air vents. If mice are living in your office, use snap traps to catch and kill them. Don't use poisons because they can kill rats in places you don't want them to die. It's also a good idea to use traps with peanuts as bait. Don't worry about it Rat Extermination Toronto is here to get rid from rats, you can contact us for more information.

butter, chocolate, dried fruits, or bacon.

Place the traps near holes, cracks, and walls where you think mice might be coming in. You can set the traps at night and take them down in the morning. Use a lot of traps for good results. Put trash in trash cans with lids that fit tight. This includes making sure there is no paper or food on the floors. This stops mice from coming. Make sure all the windows and doors fit into their frames correctly. This keeps mice from coming into the office at night.

Make sure the grass around your office is the right length. This keeps the grass from getting too tall, which could give mice a place to live. Also, make sure your office isn't full of piles of wood or trash.
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