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This mailing list serves a single narrow purpose: sending you an email, notifying you when a new Qiqqa software release has become available.

Do note that these 'software releases' will include 'beta', experimental & test releases, which may or may not immediately interest you, but rest assured each will be clearly identified in the email notification (subject line).

Please report any feedback to the github project issue tracker at https://github.com/jimmejardine/qiqqa-open-source/issues. Also do note that you cannot reply or send email to this mailing list if you're not a qiqqa maintainer yourself. This is both to keep this channel secure and limited, keeping the load to your human communication processing to a minimum.

Enjoy Qiqqa and we'll be seeing you around!


Ger Hobbelt
Qiqqa Dev/Maint

P.S.: As this is a Google Group, you can subscribe to receive emails about Qiqqa software releases using the standard procedure for Google Groups as described here: https://support.google.com/groups/answer/1067205?hl=en