Compatibility with QtQuick (QML)

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Piyoosh Mukhija

Feb 12, 2013, 6:59:30 AM2/12/13

I have made following changes for compatibility with QtQuick (QML).
- Changed PortSettings from struct to class
- Moved port settings related types inside the PortSettings class
- Exposed the metatype information using Q_ENUMS for all the enum types
- Added more properties to QextSerialPort class

With these changes, a QtQuick C++ component using QExtSerialPort can accept settings within QML files or even QextSerialPort can be instantiated from within QML. By deriving from QextSerialPort or by adding Q_INVOKABLE macro before the member method declarations, its functions can also be called directly from within a QML application.

I hope you can help me push these changes to the trunk (i.e. the main or master branch). I do not know much about creating patches, etc. I have committed the latest copy to my local git checkout.

Piyoosh Mukhija


Feb 19, 2013, 8:06:16 PM2/19/13
Hi Piyoosh,

First, you can create your own clone:

Then you can push your changes to your clone (which will be public to all of us).

Once you finished, you can told me to cherry-pick or merge your changes.

By the way, I have provided basic support for Qt Quick 2 in QextSerialPort branch 2.0, so I hope you can work on this branch.(Features of master branch, aka 1.2, have been frozen)




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