"New old" version of qextserialport called 1.2win-alpha2 available in Downloads section

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Michal Policht

Jul 12, 2012, 9:25:27 AM7/12/12
to qextser...@googlegroups.com
Hi all.

I have just uploaded my personal version of qextserialport, that works
for me quite well under Windows. As far as I remember (and according to
ChangeLog), compared to win-alpha, which was my previous unofficial
release, it works in unbuffered mode and updates port settings correctly
when closing and reopening port. Maybe some minor changes were also made.

This release was never committed into the repository nor published,
since project was removed from sourceforge and I lost access to project

I can tell you that all the strange behavior was because
QIODevice::open(mode) was in the wrong place of
Win_QextSerialPort::open(). I will try to find out what you have done to
correct this bug and merge both worlds.

I didn't paste license info, but of course it is licensed under terms of
MIT license just like current versions of qextserialport.
Any feedback is welcome.

Michal Policht.
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