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Mar 22, 2014, 9:21:29 PM3/22/14
to qcme...@googlegroups.com
Hi, I'm a beginner of QC software. I was following the tutorial step, I'm using cygwin and g95 downloaded from website. unfortunately, when I compile my make file it show these message. could anyone tell me what happen or I missed some step? Appreciate your help.

Following is my error message.

$ make QCCOMPILER=g95
make -C../Code QCPOTEN=eam
make[1]: Entering directory '/cygdrive/c/QCv1.4/Code'
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffree-form  mod_nonstandard.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffree-form  mod_output.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffree-form  mod_file.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffree-form  mod_global.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffree-form  mod_qclib.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffree-form  mod_boundary.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffree-form  mod_types.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffree-form  mod_cluster.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffree-form  mod_material.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffree-form  mod_crystal.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffree-form  mod_ghost.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffixed-form mod_mesh.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffree-form  mod_stiff.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffixed-form mod_poten_eam.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffree-form  mod_grain.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffree-form  mod_pload.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffixed-form mod_savemesh.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffree-form  mod_repatom.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffixed-form mod_bandwidth.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffixed-form mod_element.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffixed-form mod_plotting.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffixed-form mod_adaption.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffixed-form mod_solve.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffixed-form mod_check.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffixed-form mod_head.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffixed-form mod_restart.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffixed-form mod_macros.f
g95 -c -I../Code -O2 -ffixed-form qcmain.f
ar -r libmdlr.a mod_boundary.o mod_cluster.o mod_crystal.o mod_file.o mod_ghost.                                                 o mod_global.o mod_grain.o mod_material.o mod_output.o mod_pload.o mod_qclib.o m                                                 od_repatom.o mod_stiff.o mod_types.o mod_nonstandard.o mod_adaption.o mod_bandwi                                                 dth.o mod_check.o mod_element.o mod_head.o mod_macros.o mod_mesh.o mod_plotting.                                                 o mod_poten_eam.o mod_restart.o mod_savemesh.o mod_solve.o qcmain.o
ar: creating libmdlr.a
ar: mod_boundary.o: No such file or directory
Makefile_common:183: recipe for target 'libmdlr.a' failed
make[1]: *** [libmdlr.a] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory '/cygdrive/c/QCv1.4/Code'
../Code/Makefile_common:153: recipe for target 'qccode' failed
make: *** [qccode] Error 2

Long Cui

Mar 31, 2014, 11:28:15 PM3/31/14
to qcme...@googlegroups.com
Hi, have you solved your problem? I wonder what is the version of your cygwin and g95. Sometimes the different system architectures may cause that kind of problem.

在 2014年3月23日星期日UTC+8上午9时21分29秒,Jensen写道:
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