March 8th Meeting Notes

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Alexander Maidak

Mar 8, 2022, 9:32:04 PMMar 8

QCLUG March 8, 2022 Meeting Notes

The LUG  meeting begins promptly at 18:40 as normal


 - Bob S

 - John

 - Devon

 - Chirstian

 - Alex

 - Chris C

Bob is presenting on PCIe NVMe SSD Information


Bob says that PCIe NVMe is very high performance

Why would you want an NVMe SSD?

- The card is very small - 1"x3" saves a lot of space for the manufacturer.

- Strong performance

- No need for a SATA HBA

NVMe = non-volatile memory pcie

M.2 != NVMe, M.2 can support USB3.0, SATA and PCIe; most early M.2 slots support only SATA!

MSATA looks like m.2 but is not, beware!

PCIe x2 NVMe SSDs were B-keyed

PCIe x4 SSDe are M-Keyed - the current mainstream option.

Some PCIe slots support both B and M

Check your slot if you’re going upgrade

Bob shared a visual of the different ssds

Apple was an early adopter of NVMe SSD and pretty much you only find b-key on apple

m2. 2280 = 22mm wide by 80mm long

2242, 2260 are different sizes.  You need to make sure you can fit your card in your slot, likely 


m.2 2280 typical sizes:

 128gb, 256gb, 512gb, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 8TB


NVMe SSD throughput is high, 6x vs. SATA SSD (500MBps vs 3GBps)

NVMe SSD seek time is very fast Nearly .02 ms!

Summary: you want an NVMe SSD if you can afford it.

To add NVMe drives to any computer with a PCIe slot.  You want a Gen3 slot and you'll want to 

be able to boot it.

There is USB3 <-> NVMe adapters which  

Why would you want all this performance:

 - Run large scale Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

 - High resolution photography and video editing

 - Data Acquisition hardware?

Thanks Bob!

Christian on Helium Crypto


Christian is presenting on Helium Block Chain

USING LibreOffice IMPRESS ON FEDORA 35!  Max Respect

Helium Network is a network of hotspots providing LoRaWAN network LongFi 

LoRaWAN is designed for IOT purposes

  • Dog collars

  • Irragation sensors

  • etc

Helium Hotspot providers are paid

 network coverage

 data transfered


HNT - Helium Tokens are to pay for using the Helium network

Must buy Official Hardware approved by the community

- $500 and 12 week lead time

 it's a Raspberry Pi with a Radio


Provide Coverage in under-served area



 Already Getting Saturated


Who is using this network?

 IoT Devices - very small data transfer

Talking about small amounts of money to send a small amount of data:

  • Price is fixed at $0.000001 per packet

  • $1 per 2.4Mb

Very low bandwidth telemetry data for IoT is basically all it's useful for.

Originally designed for a Scooter company!

With HNT tokens  instead of paying the hotspots directly in HtNT users transfer HNT to a "burn" account to acquire data credits


HNT uses a Burn and Mint Model which is somewhat unique

 - Customers Buy Tokens which they burn for credits

 - credits are distributed to product creators

 - product creators mint new tokens to send ot product creators

Once burned, credits are non-transferrable

Burn-and-Mint Equilibrium

HNT price oracles determine how many data credits are issued when 1HNT is burned

223M HNT is max supply


HNT tokens seem to be scammy with the creators getting 35% of the value:

- 30% for network users

- 35% for network creators

- 35% is allocated to Helium IN

How good is the coverage?  This exists in the QCA right now!


Chirstian is hosting HNT, but it died.  He's making $3 a month doing this.  Almost enough for a beer!

What's the catch?

- it's better to resell hotspots than actually host them.

- Right now you'll maybe make $3 a month on this

There is not a lot of optimism on the success of this


 LoRaWan: is used a lot for private farm equipment like 

 water systems sensors of irragation etc.


The Amazon sidewalk project was LoRaWAN!!!

Example: you have a smart sensor on a dog color.

You could have every Alexa and ring device as a LoRaWAN device.  

Easy to locate the dog!!!

Ring devices are LoRaWAN capable devices.  It looks like it will be hard for Helium to compete with Amazon sidewalk and ring devices

Very interesting, Thanks Christian!

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