QC Adjuncts

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Our group the Adjunct Task Force is looking to improve teaching conditions for Queens College adjuncts.  On November 1, 2011, the task force devised a report outlining specific areas for improvement.  As we work toward implementing these recommendations, there may be issues we never even considered which may be highly relevant to you.  This is where this discussion group comes into play.
The goal of this group is to give all adjuncts a voice in what matters to them.  Feel free to ask questions and share any thoughts here.  Together we can work toward improving conditions for all adjuncts.

Our home page: http://ctl.qc.cuny.edu/adjuncts
The Adjunct Handbook Committee has updated the adjunct handbook and it is available online at
Please note that this group is open to everyone: all are welcome to join and all posts are visible to the world.  However, we have it set up so that only members can post messages.  If you would like to be part of the conversations, please feel free to join.  We hope to see you online!