Pushcart Prize nominations: help wanted!

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In the spirit of rewarding a few of our otherwise unpaid authors for the use of their work, this year we thought we’d start sending in nominations for the Pushcart Prize. International readers or those outside the North American small press literary scene might be unaware of it, but in many circles the Pushcart is so prestigious that a mere nomination is considered worthy of mention in an author’s bio — as if the highly subjective and arbitrary selections of a couple of yahoos like us says anything meaningful.

But then we thought: why not ask qarrtsiluni readers to help find our six nominations? That seems like one way to make them a bit more meaningful. Any work of fiction, nonfiction, or poetry that has appeared in qarrtsiluni since January 1 would be eligible, which encompasses the Mutating the Signature and Economy issues as well as the currently unfolding Words of Power. Remember to hit the “Older entries” link at the bottom of each page to navigate through an issue. Grab permalinks by clicking on the titles.

Please leave suggestions in the comment thread for this post (or if you’re shy, email us: qaartsiluni [at] gmail [dot] com), up to six nominations per commenter. And tell us why. We are much more likely to be swayed by articulate arguments and personal reactions than by numbers of “votes”; this isn’t a popularity contest. Please don’t nominate your own works! Aside from that, anyone is welcome to make suggestions, including first-time readers, but we will probably give somewhat greater weight to suggestions from those who regularly comment here, indicating a long-term engagement with the magazine.

We need to print out and mail in our nominations no later than December 1, so we’ll be making our final decision before the end of the month, and will announce the nominations by an update to this post. In the meantime, we’d really appreciate your help in combing through the archives.

—Beth and Dave

Beth Adams and Dave Bonta
Managing Editors, qarrtsiluni
Current issue: Words of Power.
Now soliciting submissions for the Health issue, edited by Susan Elbe and Kelly Madigan Erlandson, through Nov. 30.
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