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Paula Teeuwen

Feb 15, 2021, 11:48:23 AM2/15/21
to Pyzo

I am using the LaTex-BibitemStyler ( to help me order my references in order of appearance. I am using this since I do not understand how BibTex or Biblatex or these work. I am a beginner in efficiently putting references in LaTex and I found this LaTex-BibitemStyler code for Python which could help me.  

I am using this as an input on python 3.7.6 on Pyzo:

print(Styler("C:\\OrderingLiterature\\main_file.tex", "C:\\OrderingLiterature\\bibliography_original.tex", "C:\\OrderingLiterature\\bibliography_ordered.tex", 2))

However, my output is:

<__main__.Styler object at 0x00000263165FB5C8>

What is this :/? I do not understand how to get my output file (bibliography_ordered.tex). It should save it in a new document in the same map, but it doesn't. 

All the best,


Almar Klein

Feb 16, 2021, 7:42:27 AM2/16/21
to Pyzo
Hi Paula,

This seems to be more of a problem with latex-bibitemstyler than Pyzo :)

But anyway, it looks like latex-bibitemstyler is written as a command line tool, as is explained here:

Though the internal API that you've tried using now should also work. Looking at the bottom of the file, you should be able to do:

styler = Styler(...)

Good luck with your Latex & Python!
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