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Mar 16, 2009, 6:36:19 AM3/16/09
to pythonxy-linux
I have been searching for similar type of program for a long time.
Could anyone say in brief what is its status for the linux version? Is
the level same as on Windows?



Mar 17, 2009, 2:12:47 PM3/17/09
to pythonxy-linux
Hi, piko and all

You're right, perhaps the status of Pythonxy-Linux is not that clear.

This Python Scientific Linux distribution is a set of Metapackages,
collecting *already existing* packages in a Debian/Ubuntu
From this point of vue, there is nothing new in Pythonxy-Linux,
relative to exiting packages ... for right now : because Pierre
Raybaut is working hard
and fair, and some *Pythonxy-specific* goodies from him will be
added on both sides in some time.

About the differences with the Windows-Pythonxy, we plan, with Pierre,
to keep both sides of Pythonxy as close as possible
and, at least, with the strictly same principles and objectives ; we
are working together ... especially Pierre !

BUT Pythonxy-Linux will never be as *exhaustive* as Pythonxy-Windows,
because of the relative simplicity of adding specific packages on
and because of the uselessness of installing all python-* packages in
Pythonxy. At the beginning of Pythonxy, june 2008, we even wondered if
Linux counterpart would be useful [

An other difference is the absence of Enthought modules on the Linux
side, because of their ... volatility ..., I experienced myself some
months ago.
Interested people can install and try the Enthought suite aside
Pythonxy without any trouble.

Some Linux specific problems appear with the great number of
Right now, I am trying the Opensuse Build Service [http://] which was pointed by Christian Widmer,
to propose the same Pythonxy-Linux independent of the Linux
I think this is important, but unfortunately, I don't have much time
these weeks until the end of march.

I hope I answered some of your questions, don't hesitate to ask again
for precisions




Mar 23, 2009, 7:06:24 AM3/23/09
to pythonxy-linux
thanks for answer. In my mind, it is not such big problem to install
python-related packages on linux, but the main advantage I see in
python(x,y) is different. Those packages that I know do not work
together unless you know them (which package is good and why?) and
know how to use them. That could be a very problematic for MATLAB
users and will make them aware of new language. The main importance I
see in you project is some code that makes it work together even if it
was only a small script in principle and even if it was only a
published way how to do it. Connecting these tools would cause in my
mind greater interest in python from the MATLAB users and everyone
from the engineer world who has not so much programming skills.
That is why I like the idea of making some debian package depending
on the others and containing set of scripts/setups that would all make
cooperate with usable look and feel.

Looking forward to hearing from you

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