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Welcome to pythonxy-linux

The pythonxy-linux group is no more active . Why ?

Because the problem of "Python packages for sciences" is much more acute for Windows Users
than for Linux Users.

The   (Windows)
list of Pythonxy Modules  is very usefull  for non-redondency,  either for Windows or for Linux.

The  python-**** packages  in Ubuntu (as an example) is an exhaustive proposition. The restriction of this list of
packages to  the Pythonxy proposition is  usefull for Linux  users and Windows users as well

To my knowledge, all the packages of recent Ubuntu (I don't know for others distributions ) include
the Pythonxy modules.

Then,  the packages installer-maintainer  softwares on Linux distributions,   for which no equivalent exists on Windows,
disable the need of an Linux mirror-like of Pythonxy,   which in turn,  is  essential for windows users.

I hope this clarification  on Pythonxy for Linux  status will be helpful.