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Welcome to the Python KC User Group mailing list!

If you're somewhere in the Kansas City Area and surroundings, use or want to use Python, have experience with what other groups do, or you have a topic you are interested in hearing about, or if you have a topic that you would like to present, please contribute to our group and this mailing list. Don't forget to also follow us on twitter @PythonKC

The purpose of this first post is just to welcome everyone and get the discussion started on what people want to see on the user group.

So, to get things started, I'm going to toss out a few ideas of my own about what I'd like to see on our Python user Group:  
  • Semi-regular, face-to-face meetings to meet up with other Pythonistas and exchange useful and practical info about software development in Python.
  • Exchange of useful local information on the mailing list (relevant job postings, events, etc).
  • Occasional sprints, for people interested in writing some code together
  • An organized group that would appeal to Python expert as a good audience for talks, presentation, etc. (maybe we can harass the Django crowd over at Lawrence to come talk)
  • Presentations on current Python topics / projects (for example: comparing web frameworks (no flame wars!), better use of decorators, , etc.) 
  • Presentations on group members' own projects or topics (pet projects, how you are using Python at your company/institution, etc.) 
  • A forum / open discussion period for people to ask questions, give advice and suggestions, or request help 
  • Announcements / news on developments in the Python community (new version releases, new projects, events, plus group members can submit their own announcements) 
  • Book reviews, software reviews 
Some of these might sound very familiar from other Midwestern Python groups like ChiPy, MichiPUG and Central Ohio Python, but it seems to be working pretty well for them, so why not give them a try here ;-)

What are everyone's meeting ideas?

- Juan