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Juan Moraga

Apr 5, 2021, 3:01:36 AMApr 5
Hello all,

Have any of you ever experienced any practical advantage using the DirectX 11 engine over any of the other OpenGL engines in the Maya View Port 2.0?
It seems to me that it runs faster but it may still be still unestable (Maya 2018.7) as I get it crashing under certain circumstances when OpenGL does not crash.

I don't want to dig into why it crashes, I would just want to know what is your take on this topic.

Thank you very much in advance!

Kind regards,

Marcus Ottosson

Apr 5, 2021, 6:40:08 AMApr 5
Not in my experience, but my understanding is that it's meant to for game developers whose shaders are written for DirectX. For when you want an exact replica of an asset between game engine (rendering with DirectX shaders) in Maya. I'd be surprised if you found a performance difference between the two, unless you were in fact rendering DirectX shaders. Or on the flip side, if you use shaders written for OpenGL as then those wouldn't get rendered with DirectX and give you a "performance boost" that way.

I've also toggled back and forth during ambiguous crashes myself but never actually gotten any mileage out of it. In my experience, crashes are very unlikely due to the actual graphics library and much more likely due to the abstraction over it e.g. MDrawManager. In rare cases has a crash vanished due to a driver upgrade, which does happen. And if crashes are due to drivers, then you'd probably get crashes no matter what graphics library you pick. The most likely cause in my case however has been my own code. Sigh. xD

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Juan Moraga

Apr 5, 2021, 11:31:05 AMApr 5
Thank you Marcus for sharing your experience :). Indeed I suspect the crash most likely comes from the source code, which I cannot access as it comes from an external vendor, so if they cannot solve it, we will probably have to switch to an OpenGL VP2, where this does not happen, but this leaves the question... will another crash happen under different circumstances where no render engine switch can fix it? Time will tell.

At least I'm happy to comfirm with you that for my case (lambert surface shaders) it doesnt affect DX11 or the OpenGL.

I will keep you guys posted!

Kind regards,

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