ANN: A new version (0.4.8) of python-gnupg has been released.

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Vinay Sajip

Nov 24, 2021, 4:48:12 AM11/24/21
to python-gnupg
What Changed?
This is an enhancement and bug-fix release, and all users are encouraged to

Brief summary:

* Fixed #147: Return gpg's return code in all result instances.

* Fixed #152: Add check for invalid file objects.

* Fixed #157: Provide more useful status message when a secret key is absent.

* Fixed #158: Added a get_recipients() API to find the recipients of an encrypted
  message without decrypting it.

This release [2] has been signed with my code signing key:

Vinay Sajip (CODE SIGNING KEY) <vinay_sajip at>
Fingerprint: CA74 9061 914E AC13 8E66 EADB 9147 B477 339A 9B86

Recent changes to PyPI don't show the GPG signature with the download links.
An alternative download source where the signatures are available is the project's
own downloads page [4]. Documentation is available at [5].

As always, your feedback is most welcome (especially bug reports [3],
patches and suggestions for improvement, or any other points via this group).



Vinay Sajip

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