A new version (0.4.1) has been released.

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Vinay Sajip

Jul 10, 2017, 5:44:48 PM7/10/17
to python-gnupg
A new version of the Python module which wraps GnuPG has been released.

What Changed?
This is an enhancement and bug-fix release, and all users are encouraged to upgrade.
See the project website [1] for more information.

Brief summary:

* Updated message handling logic to no longer raise exceptions when a message isn't
  recognised. Thanks to Daniel Kahn Gillmor for the patch.
* Always use always use --fixed-list-mode, --batch and --with-colons. Thanks to Daniel
  Kahn Gillmor for the patch.
* Improved scan_keys() handling on GnuPG >= 2.1. Thanks to Daniel Kahn Gillmor for the
* Improved test behaviour with GnuPG >= 2.1. Failures when deleting test directory trees
  are now ignored. Thanks to Daniel Kahn Gillmor for the patch.
* Added close_file keyword argument to verify_file to allow the file closing to be made
  optional. Current behaviour is maintained - close_file=False can be passed to skip
  closing the file being verified.
* Added the extra_args keyword parameter to allow custom arguments to be passed to the
  gpg executable.
* Instances of the GPG class now have an additional on_data attribute, which defaults to
  None. It can be set to a callable which will be called with a single argument - a binary
  chunk of data received from the gpg executable. The callable can do whatever it likes
  with the chunks passed to it - e.g. write them to a separate stream. The callable should
  not raise any exceptions (unless it wants the current operation to fail).

This release [2] has been signed with my code signing key:

Vinay Sajip (CODE SIGNING KEY) <vina... at yahoo.co.uk>
Fingerprint: CA74 9061 914E AC13 8E66 EADB 9147 B477 339A 9B86

As always, your feedback is most welcome (especially bug reports [3],
patches and suggestions for improvement, or any other points via the
mailing list/discussion group [4]).

Please refer to the documentation [5] for more information.



Vinay Sajip
Red Dove Consultants Ltd.

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