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Olof Bjarnason

Nov 23, 2011, 2:44:58 AM11/23/11
OK I've found a quite serious regression (introduced bug) in
bitbucket/objarni/pytddmon. I assume it is in ilian and neppords repos

When running "python" in the pytddmon/ folder, that is
testing itself, I get 32/32, all green. But if I rename the file
"" to something else, the tests stay all green!

That is not supposed to happen, since almost all unit tests import
pytddmon and therefore depend upon that exact name.

I'd really like to add a failing unit test to catch this, but I'm not
sure what class is responsible for detecting such a change anymore. I
did add hash(path) to the DefaultHasher class the other week, since I
thought that was the right place to solve this bug, but apparently I
didn't test correctly then since the bug is still there.

What class/function should be responsible to make a "renamed file" be
detected as a re-run-tests-signal?

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