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Barel Mishal

Apr 3, 2021, 5:42:30 AMApr 3
to pystatsmodels
not sure how google groups works so write again here

Hi, I did an R code that does 1 of the calculation I needed to check if I can use the function in the article. I could do it (with a little bit of help from someone that knows R).  And this work, the R code did the calc on 2% error. 
Python code still gives me weird results hoping some can look into my code in this repository.

EE                 WT Diet 2 KO Diet 1 KO Diet 2
WT Diet 1             0.4882 0.409 0.0062                        CalR                 Group effect
                             0.4852 0.2138 0.0057                                                 Mass:Groupinteraction effect
EE                WT Diet 2 KO Diet 1 KO Diet 2
WT Diet 1        0.47868 0.38569 0.00606                 R code            Group effect
                         0.47044 0.19864 0.00556                                           Mass:Group interaction effect
EE                        WT Diet 2 KO Diet 1 KO Diet 2
WT Diet 1 ???                                                               python code Group effect
                                                                                                               Mass:Group interaction effect

I get the result in my code as it calculates all the columns and not each category in the column.
I hope someone will know what I do wrong.

Barel Mishal

Apr 4, 2021, 1:54:37 AMApr 4
to pystatsmodels
Got the results. But having problem with tuky to test pair wise between each group.

How to do I call the tuky with my model of anova? 
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