pySMT 0.7.5: Strings and Cython Parser

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Marco Gario

May 29, 2018, 10:20:55 PM5/29/18
to pySMT

pySMT 0.7.5 is out!

This release includes several bugfixes and updates, and it provides initial support for the theory of Strings. If you are parsing large SMT-LIB files, you should install cython to benefit from a significant performance boost in the parser. Notice that the Cython integration performs some background compilation the first time you start pySMT, and this might slow down the very first execution of this version of pySMT.

Thanks to everybody who contributed with comments, bug reports, and patches!

pySMT Team



  • Strings Theory (#458)

    Add support for the theory of Strings as supported by CVC4.

    Direct solver support is limited to CVC4, but the SMT-LIB interface
    can be used to integrate with other solvers (e.g., Z3).

    This feature was largely implemented by Suresh Goduguluru and
    motivated by Clark Barrett.

  • SMT-LIB Parser: Improved performance with Cython (PR #432)

    The SMT-LIB parser module is now compiled using Cython behind the
    scenes. By default pySMT will try to use the cython version but the
    behavior can be controlled via env variables::

    PYSMT_CYTHON=False # disable Cython
    PYSMT_CYTHON=True # force Cython: Raises an error if cython or the
    # SMT-LIB parser module are not available.
    unset PYSMT_CYTHON # defaults to Cython but silently falls back to
    #pure-python version

    The API of pysmt.smtlib.parser does not change and preserves
    compatibility with previous versions.

    Benchmarking on shows: ::

    $ PYSMT_CYTHON=True python3.5 --count 500
    The mean execution time was 2.34 seconds
    The max execution time was 59.77 seconds

    $ PYSMT_CYTHON=False python3.5 --count 500
    The mean execution time was 3.39 seconds
    The max execution time was 85.46 seconds

  • SMT-LIB Parser: Added Debugging Information (Line/Col number) (PR #430)

  • pysmt-install: Simplified solver version check (PR #431)

  • Extended infix notation to support:

    • Store and Select (PR #437)
    • NotEquals (PR #438)
    • EUF Function application (PR #445)
  • Examples: Quantifier Elimination in LRA (PR #447)

  • Sorts: Stronger type checking for composite sorts (PR #449)

  • BvToNatural: Introduced new operator to convert bitvectors into
    natural numbers (PR #450)

  • Examples: Theory Combination (PR #451)

  • QE: Introduce new QE techniques based on Self-Substitution (PR #460)


  • Z3: Upgrade to 4.5.1 dev (082936bca6fb) (PR #407)

  • CVC4: Upgrade to 1.5 (PR #424)

  • MathSAT: Upgrade to 5.5.1 (PR #453)

  • MathSAT: Add Windows Support (PR #453)


  • Support for Theory of Strings (SMT-LIB + CVC4) (PR #458)


  • Z3: Conversion of top-level ITE (PR #433)

  • Z3: Fixed exception handling (PR #473): Thanks to Bradley Ellert
    for reporting this.

  • Detect BV type in Array and Function when using infix notation (PR #436)

  • Support GMPY objects in BV construction (PR #441)

  • SMT-LIB: Fixed parsing of #x BV constants (PR #443): Thanks to
    @cdmcdonell for reporting this.

  • SMT-LIB: Remove trailing whitespace from bvrol and bvsext (PR #459)

  • Fixed type-checking of Equals, LT and LE (PR #452)

  • Examples: Revised Einstein example (PR #448): Thanks to Saul
    for reporting the issue.

  • Examples: Fixed indexing and simple path condition in MC example (PR
    454): Thanks to Cristian Mattarei for contributing this patch.

  • Fixed installer for picosat to use HTTPS (PR #481)

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