pySMT 0.6.0: GMPY2 and Goodbye Recursion

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Marco Gario

Oct 9, 2016, 1:52:51 PM10/9/16
to pySMT

pySMT 0.6.0 is out! This is a quite big release with a few backwards incompatible changes. The most important ones concern a revised handling of constants (including support for GMPY2), and a refactoring of the TreeWalker to avoid recursion. Find below the full changelog for more information. 

Thanks to Ahmed Irfan, and Daniel Ricardo dos Santos  for contributing to this release by submitting patches, issues and general discussion. 

You can upgrade via pip ( pip install --upgrade pysmt ) or by downloading the latest version from github ( )

Let us know what you think!

pySMT Team



  • Integer, Fraction and Numerals are now defined in pysmt.constants
    (see below for details). The breaking changes are:

    • Users should use pysmt.constants.Fraction, if they want to guarantee that the same type is being used (different types are automatically converted);
    • Methods from pysmt.utils moved to pysmt.constants;
    • Numerals class was moved from pysmt.numeral (that does not exist anymore).
  • Non-Recursive TreeWalker (PR #322)

    Modified TreeWalker to be non-recursive. The algorithm works by
    keeping an explicit stack of the walking functions that are now
    required to be generators
    . See pysmt.printer.HRPrinter for an
    example. This removes the last piece of recursion in pySMT !

  • Times is now an n-ary operator (Issue #297 / PR #304)

    Functions operating on the args of Times (e.g., rewritings) should
    be adjusted accordingly.

  • Simplified module pysmt.parsing into a unique file (PR #301)

    The pysmt.parsing module was originally divided in two files: and These files were removed and the parser
    combined into a unique file. Code importing those modules
    directly needs to be updated.

  • Use solver_options to specify solver-dependent options (PR #338):

    • MathSAT5Solver option 'debugFile' has been removed. Use the
      solver option: "debug_api_call_trace_filename".

    • BddSolver used to have the options as keyword
      arguments (static_ordering, dynamic_reordering etc). This is not
      supported anymore.

  • Removed deprecated methods (PR #332):

    • FNode.get_dependencies (use FNode.get_free_variables)
    • FNode.get_sons (use FNode.get_args)
    • FNode.is_boolean_operator (use FNode.is_bool_op)
    • pysmt.test.skipIfNoSolverAvailable
    • pysmt.randomizer (not used and broken)


  • Support for GMPY2 to represent Fractions (PR #309).

    Usage of GMPY2 can be controlled by setting the env variable
    PYSMT_GMPY to True or False. By default, pySMT tries to use GMPY2 if
    installed, and fallbacks on Python's Fraction otherwise.

  • Constants module: pysmt.constants (PR #309)

    This module provides an abstraction for constants Integer and
    Fraction, supporting different ways of representing them
    internally. Additionally, this module provides several utility

    • is_pysmt_fraction
    • is_pysmt_integer
    • is_python_integer
    • is_python_rational
    • is_python_boolean

    Conversion can be achieved via:

    • pysmt_fraction_from_rational
    • pysmt_integer_from_integer
    • to_python_integer (handle long/int py2/py3 mismatch)
  • Add Version information (Issue #299 / PR #303)

    • pysmt.VERSION : A tuple containing the version information
    • pysmt.version : String representation of VERSION (following PEP 440)
    • pysmt.git_version : A simple function that returns the version including git information. (pysmt-install) and gain a new --version option that
    uses git_version to display the version information.

  • Shortcuts: read_smtlib() and write_smtlib()

  • Docs: Completely Revised the documentation (PR #294)

  • Rewritings: TimesDistributor (PR #302)

    Perform distributivity on an N-ary Times across addition and

  • SizeOracle: Add MEASURE_BOOL_DAG measure (PR #319)

    Measure the Boolean size of the formula. This is equivalent to
    replacing every theory expression with a fresh boolean variable, and
    measuring the DAG size of the formula. This can be used to estimate
    the Boolean complexity of the SMT formula.

  • PYSMT_SOLVERS controls available solvers (Issue #266 / PR #316):

    Using the PYSMT_SOLVER system environment option, it is possible to
    restrict the set of installed solvers that are actually accessible
    to pySMT. For example, setting PYSMT_SOLVER="msat,z3" will limit the
    accessible solvers to msat and z3.

  • Protect FNodeContent.payload access (Issue #291 / PR 310)

    All methods in FNode that access the payload now check that the
    FNode instance is of the correct type, e.g.:

    FNode.symbol_name() checks that FNode.is_symbol()

    This prevents from accessing the payload in a spurious way. Since
    this has an impact on every access to the payload, it has been
    implemented as an assertion, and can be disabled by running the
    interpreter with -O.


  • Z3 Converter Improvements (PR #321):

    • Optimized Conversion to Z3 Solver Forward conversion is 4x faster,
      and 20% more memory efficient, because we work at a lower level
      of the Z3 Python API and do not create intermediate AstRef objects
      anymore. Back conversion is 2x faster because we use a direct
      dispatching method based on the Z3 OP type, instead of the
      big conditional that we were using previously.

    • Add back-conversion via SMT-LIB string buffer.
      Z3Converter.back_via_smtlib() performs back conversion by printing the
      formula as an SMT-LIB string, and parsing it back. For formulas of
      significant size, this can be drastically faster than using the API.

    • Extend back conversion to create new Symbols, if needed. This
      always raise a warning alerting the user that a new symbol is being
      implicitly defined.

  • OSX: Z3 and MathSAT can be installed with pysmt-install (PR #244)

  • MathSAT: Upgrade to 5.3.13 (PR #305)

  • Yices: Upgrade to 2.5.1

  • Better handling of solver options (PR #338):

    Solver constructor takes the optional dictionary solver_options
    of options that are solver dependent. It is thus possible to
    directly pass options to the underlying solver.


  • Fixed: Times back conversion in Z3 was binary not n-ary. Thanks to
    Ahmed Irfan for submitting the patch (PR #340, PR #341)

  • Fixed: Bug in array_value_assigned_values_map, returning the
    incorrect values for an Array constant value. Thanks to
    Daniel Ricardo dos Santos for pointing this out and submitting
    the patch.

  • Fixed: SMT-LIB define-fun serialization (PR #315)

  • Issue #323: Parsing of variables named bvX (PR #326)

  • Issue #292: Installers: Make dependency from pip optional (PR #300)

  • Fixed: Bug in MathSAT's get_unsat_core (PR #331), that could
    lead to an unbounded mutual recursion. Thanks to Ahmed Irfan for
    reporting this (PR #331)

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